Become a Successful Fantasy Sports League Manager

Fantasy League GM is your stop for advice on becoming a better fantasy sports league manager. Fantasy Sports have become a viable way to make a living. However, like anything else, you need to be knowledgeable and disciplined. We aim to help you in your journey.

Fantasy sports have become so popular in the last few years that almost every sports fan is in a league. Fantasy sports continue to thrive because there is just something extremely rewarding about proving you are a better fantasy manager than your friends or coworkers. Everyone that plays fantasy sports are huge fans, so it takes a lot more than knowledge of the game to succeed as a fantasy manager. If you can develop these four habits, then you will easily become a highly success fantasy sports league manager.

Play in the Right Leagues

If you play in the wrong leagues, you can get burned. Don't play in leagues with nothing but sharks. When you play on a site like or, you can see the users you are playing against and on FanDuel, you can actually see the history of the player. Click on the username and see the history. Choose opponents that don't have a big history and don't have history in the sport you are playing. With this new information on hand, go to and use a fanduel promocode when you deposit. Don't pass up the free money.

Don't Fall in Love with Your Players

The biggest sin of unsuccessful fantasy managers is that they fall in love with the players they drafted. You may have expected a big season from a certain player, but you need to cut them from your team if they are not performing after a few weeks. You just build a bigger hole for you the longer you wait for a struggling player to turn his season around.

Ignore the Names

The names of the players on your fantasy teams are irrelevant. The stats they produce is the only thing that matters when it comes to fantasy sports. It may seem cool to have a ton of players on your favorite team or someone going into the Hall of Fame when they retire, but this only works if they are playing well enough to deserve a spot on your roster.

Pay Attention

One of the biggest mistakes new fantasy football managers make is not paying attention to the NFL Schedule. You must know the 2016 NFL Bye week schedule, so you know when your star players will be out. You don't want to draft 8 players with the same bye week. You'll be giving up a win before the game starts.

It is virtually impossible to become a successful fantasy sports league manager if you are not paying attention throughout the season. Paying attention means a lot more than just inserting your lineup every day. You must also pay attention to how the players on your team are performing and the performance of the players on the waiver wire. Analyzing performance is a great way to pick up a player right when they are about to become a star player. You will also know when it is time to dump your players performing below expectations.

Take Some Risks

Playing it safe may work against poor competition, but you are going to need to take some risks in order to beat quality fantasy managers. Young and unknown players breakout and become superstars every year in every sport. You are never going to get this player if you only want proven players on your team. Taking a few risks at the end of the draft or with waiver wire pickups will not hurt your team either, so you might as well take them. It is easy to drop and pickup another player because these risky players cost you nothing. If you take the right risk, then you might end up with the next Mike Trout on your roster.

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