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I know that some of you may have the opinion that cheerleaders and dancers are just eye candy - something to look at during timeouts and halftime shows but nothing really upstairs. But, sadly, that is a great misconception and one that will soon be exposed. NFL Cheerleaders and dancers bust their butts to keep themselves in shape, practice for hours weekly, maintain strict diets, and devote much of their time to this industry. Now, thanks to the efforts of Austin D. Jordan, there is finally something out there to help us get to know them and everything that goes into being a pro-cheerleader and dancer and that is the Beyond The Pom Poms show!

Starting Saturday, April 12th at 8 pm ET, Beyond The Pom Poms, with Host Austin D. Jordan (Founder of NFLVR) and Co-Host Selina Samano (Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader), will be joined by professional cheerleaders and alumna live on-air to share their lives before, during, and after professional cheerleading. That's right guys, you'll get to actually see these ladies on Beyond The Pom Poms, YouTube, and Google+ every Saturday night at 8 pm ET!

Not only will Beyond The Pom Poms be the hottest show on the web or TV for that matter, but it may just be the most eye-opening! I personally can't wait to see what's behind the curtain so to speak. We all know these ladies are attractive, fit, and sexy; now it's time to stop objectifying them and get to know these ladies for the hard-working, dedicated women they truly are!

As if this show needed more kick to it, look at the lineup! For starters, the Co-Host Selina Samano is smokin' hot! But, besides that, she has accomplished more at the age of 24 than most of us have at 35 and she is one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. Host Austin D. Jordan is definitely a hottie as well! This Saturday they will be joined by the beautiful and talented Bonnie-Jill Laflin - Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49ers, and Golden State Warriors Cheerleader alumnae. She's not only beautiful and smart, but she's an amazing actress, model, humanitarian, and the First Female NBA Scout! I won't get into the whole season lineup but click here to see it. There are some amazing women that have been professional cheerleaders and they will be sharing their stories with Selina, Austin, and us every Saturday at 8 pm ET!

Connect with Beyond The Pom Poms at, @BeyondPomPoms on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and IMDb.

Connect with Selina Samano @SelinaSamano on Twitter, Google+, and IMDb.

Connect with Austin D. Jordan at, @AustinDJordan on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and IMDb.

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Nova Kemp
NFLVR Analyst
Author: DaBears
Posted: April 7, 2014, 7:04 pm

With the 2014 NFL Combine coming up, thought it might be appropriate to share with you what it was like for me. Still can't believe I did not know who Michael Irvin and Sterling Sharp were.

@JJBirden on Twitter
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Author: JJBirden
Posted: February 12, 2014, 9:56 pm
With the NFL's Combine around the corner, it makes me think back to February 2001 when I took part in the NFL's version of a meat market, which evaluate players to be drafted in the upcoming years draft. This was 13 years ago, before every little detail was televised for every fan to see in the luxury of there living rooms. Players now a days can even prepare for what they are going to face by watching previous years combines.

However, my preparation was solely based off of the information my agent prepped me on. I worked out based on what he told me I would be asked to do. I studied based off of the questions and football situations he thought I would be asked about. I had to have 100% trust in my agent because he was my only way to prepare for what I was about to go through.

The fans get to see all the speed and conditioning drills along with the bench test, vertical jump and position workouts. What the NFL Network doesn't show is the meetings with coaches and GM's that last until early in the AM and how coaches fight over who wants to meet with you next. They literally try to drag you away from one team to take you to the next room to meet with another coach and/or GM. I took my agents advice and made a list for who I would meet with along with the order based off of who asked to sit down with me and not let teams sway me away from this order. Most meetings were to evaluate your maturity and intelligence, especially football intelligence. I was drawing up plays and breaking down film. I even had to answer questions about my education and family background. Then came the tests. Yes, everyone knows about the Wonderlick Test, but the countless IQ and personality tests was what pushed you to the edge. Tests with questions asking if you are angered when a police officer rights someone a ticket? Would you report a shoplifter if you saw the person in the act? Do you J walk? I laughed when I saw the movie Miracle and watched Herb Brooks (coach of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team) give the players the same type of test. The only difference was that I had to take about 20 of these. Remember whatever you do at the Combine, you have to do for every team interested in you. Even physicals. Most people dread having there yearly physical. I had to have 32 extensive physicals with team doctors trying to find something wrong with me, as to help teams avoid making a mistake with a draft pick. Keep in mind as I said earlier that all this is done until 2:00, 3:00 and even 4:00 AM, then the drug tests start at 6:00 in the morning. Then back at it again the next day. This is my belief why some guys don't put up great numbers as expected at the Combine. This is a real shock to your system along with a nerve racking emotional couple days.

Then came the measurements. It all started with standing on a stage with roughly 20 other Linemen (because everything is done by position). Oh, did I forget to mention that this is done while wearing roughly a pair of boxers. Yes, boxers. You really start thinking, is that coach whispering to his GM about my stomach? Does he think I am to fat? Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that double cheeseburger on my layover on my way here. The coaches and GM's are sitting in the audience pointing and taking notes. The first and only time in my life I felt self conscious about my size. Ha ha. Then came the tape measure. Everything from my quadriceps, to feet, to arm length and even the span from my thumb to my pinky finer were measured.

Now as a fan I look forward to the Combine. I want to see what the top players can do. Are there going to be any Combine records broken? I especially look forward to watching the Wisconsin Badgers from my alma mater. My fellow NFL friends and I always joke around the Combine time of year about when they will start showing the craziness behind the Combine on television. I hope you enjoy this years NFL Combine now that you know a little more about the behind the scenes. I know I will.

Thanks for reading,

Bill Ferrario
@Bill_Ferrario on Twitter
Author: BillFerrario
Posted: February 7, 2014, 4:06 pm
Unlike most other so-called NFL and Fantasy Football "Experts," this so-called "Expert" truly cares about my followers & fans and their opinions. The Super Bowl is the biggest game that happens in the NFL World, and I realize you have more opinions about it than any other game on the NFL Calendar. Thus, creating this blog entry.

First, I would like to share my and my guests picks from NFLVR Live! (2.22) presented by Jordan Ent. from Wednesday, January 29th. I was honored to be joined by Carley McCord (Cleveland Browns Broadcast Media Professional), Selina Samano (Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader), Nova Kemp (NFLVR Analyst & CFO of Jordan Ent.), Robyn Vandenberg (Sports Talk Radio Personality), Tim McTyer (Former Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles & Indianapolis Colts Player), Russell Baxter aka The Football Guru (NFL Expert & Sports Writer), Thomas Murphy aka Murph (Sports Talk Radio Personality & Sports Writer), and Shaun Compton (NFLVR Analyst).

If you didn't watch the video above from Wednesday's NFLVR Live!, here's our picks:

Carley McCord: Broncos 27-17
Selina Samano: Broncos, but cheering for the Seahawks
Nova Kemp: Broncos
Robyn Vandenberg: Seahawks
Tim McTyer: Seahawks 24-21 or 23-21
Russell Baxter: Broncos 18-14, no TD's for Peyton Manning
Thomas Murphy: Seahawks 24-20
Shaun Compton: Broncos
Austin D. Jordan: Broncos 24-23. I don't like my pick, but it seems like destiny that Peyton Manning would win his second Super Bowl in Eli's stadium to match Eli's two Super Bowls.

BONUS PICK: My four-year old @LittleNFLFan picked the Broncos to win 28-17.

Now that I've shared my and my special guests picks from NFLVR Live! I'd like to share yours. Thursday night at 9:30 pm ET we tweeted out everyone's Super Bowl Picks from the show and asked who your pick is and the score. BIG SHOUT OUT to these 200+ FOLLOWERS that replied to our tweet within 48 hours of us asking:

@LuvBuffaloSport: Seahawks 31-28

@miamikris: Seahawks 31-20
@Ehrlich_Brandon: Seahawks 24-21@_captnamerica_: Broncos 20-17
@Kaaytayyy: Seahawks 35-28@TheSportsHunter: Seahawks 31-24
@geoffhansell: Broncos 38-17@BOBBY_JAMES_74: Broncos 31-21
@PDXpain: Seahawks 34-32@creditking75: Broncos 31-17
@Dan_Heim: Broncos 27-17@BrendanEppinga: Seahawks 27-24
@3BenJammin: Broncos 27-14@jake_houck: Seahawks 27-17
@dk_in_duluth: Seahawks 38-31@NickP13: Seahawks 24-17
@gmm71: Broncos 27-23@CNall80: Broncos 35-34
@BrownDiablo: Seahawks 42-38@MikeShuckSB47: Seahawks 28-24
@ChristophersZen: Seahawks 27-23@OF_Rob: Seahawks 27-23
@Ernest_Mtz_I: Broncos 31-28@APirruris: Broncos 24-17
@humanmnkywrench: Broncos 31-17@JFlyTF: Seahawks 24-0
@_WiseTweets: Broncos 24-21@JohnGarces: Seahawks 24-20
@pmramirez23: Broncos 27-17@carolinaclicks: Broncos 31-24
@Thejrose76: Seahawks 31-17@LuisNFL2013: Seahawks 27-24
@SirJDoran: Seahawks 28-24@BrinnyHiney: Broncos 27-21
@bd944: Broncos 47-10@NewtSports: Seahawks 24-23
@Avalon_Aguilar: Broncos 34-31@victoriaj413: Broncos 31-17
@bmarleylives: Seahawks 34-13@OliverHeeder: Broncos 27-14
@Brett_1111: Seahawks 24-10@NastyNarcissist: Broncos 30-13
@nflfanscomx: Seahawks 27-24@nickstiggly: Broncos 31-21
@maidenwickerman: Broncos 38-20@zachh_coxx: Seahawks 31-24
@3DownConversion: Seahawks 27-24, Broncos 24-20@NFLMascoteer: Seahawks 27-24
@RealContagious: Broncos 35-21@dustinhealy97: Broncos 34-30
@Revis_NY: Broncos 45-14@RealColSanders: Broncos 27-25
@CallMeJewbacca: Seahawks 24-21@sdbaker06: Seahawks 34-20
@D_Fry13: Broncos 28-17@JoshuaBean2: Seahawks 30-24
@fhassan19: Seahawks 31-21@kennyk223: Broncos 42-35
@supersport75: Broncos 35-27@NickyStanz07: Broncos 35-24
@dtrain0209: Broncos 24-20@DaBearUk: Broncos 38-28
@HenningA_DK: Broncos 30-27@IllegalReturn: Broncos 31-17
@cassellsforfish: Seahawks 17-13@FFMattLane: Seahawks 34-24
@JKLUTE1: Seahawks 27-17@DailyPamphlet: Broncos 42-17
@BIGAndrew_C: Seahawks 31-27@92easymoney: Seahawks 30-27
@Csummers505: Broncos 24-17@madmex79: Broncos 34-26
@ZacMercauto: Seahawks 23-17@TokeDK: Seahawks 21-17
@rachymacker: Broncos 21-17@PremierAmp: Broncos 34-17
@odeeze2000: Broncos 31-24@DI3G01: Seahawks 29-24
@Kweston83: Broncos 27-24@BigJimSports: Broncos 31-28
@bobby_cordova: Seahawks 34-31@Richardmeadors: Broncos 29-28
@Lionmars: Seahawks 24-21@kevin_holt: Seahawks 35-28
@PrisGatica: Broncos 19-14@Lakers305: Broncos 24-23
@WolfpackBuckeye: Broncos 24-10@findthemhot22: Seahawks 27-17
@Jason_sp88: Seahawks 24-17@leebird18: Broncos 24-10
@Carl317Hyden: Seahawks 27-20@JmDvila: Seahawks 21-17
@Donkey76: Broncos 56-17@getintotheBRAd: Broncos 35-24
@Reggie_Noble_: Broncos 20-17@BaumerR: Broncos 27-24
@cassina_andrea: Seahawks 21-17@Kiss_Tha_Baby: Seahawks 24-21
@SportSXMichelle: Broncos 24-23@Tadj315: Seahawks 24-10
@TCarrier12: Seahawks 27-21@quitman04: Broncos 28-17
@AaronSauce17: Broncos 24-17@redsoxjetshawks: Broncos 27-24
@MrPoklasny: Broncos 27-13@moreau_jeff: Seahawks 37-30
@ShaneNFL: Broncos 27-17@LAHohn_Sports: Seahawks 24-20
@forknightttwo: Broncos 6-3@Richjimenez5: Broncos 35-31
@kevinwatson73: Seahawks 22-12@ajedwards116: Seahawks 24-21
@Jnealis21: Seahawks 24-21@Budlightyear76: Broncos 31-17
@6xstatechamp: Seahawks 24-19@RealMSavage: Broncos 31-27
@smstanley55: Broncos 31-17@MsKylee84: Seahawks 38-31
@FieldJudge: Broncos 27-20@_MattTaylor_: Seahawks 27-24
@_rogervega: Broncos 31-14@TheArrogant_DON: Broncos 24-10
@Bryan_Amancha: Seahawks 28-21@LoMoHotDogs: Seahawks 15-3
@Griffin_Mags27: Seahawks 24-17@Quacks12: Broncos 24-14
@nick_sing10: Broncos 34-31@nPetro19: Broncos 27-24
@The_Short_Stak: Broncos 33-27@jorge_gr13: Seahawks 33-27
@JaredinOmaha: Broncos 37-17@AdilKarimi: Broncos 24-14
@ronrowcliffe: Broncos 31-17@JaredHlaw3: Seahawks 23-17
@HopeFaithLove_9: Seahawks 31-24@terilyns68: Broncos 38-14
@TheRealCvNeal: Seahawks 24-23@abriggs_14: Broncos 23-20
@ltjsaints75: Broncos 24-17@Flash_Joey: Broncos 34-20
@OVOngell: Broncos 28-17@DHenry52: Broncos 34-29
@IronCity17: Seahawks 31-20@Bigsmooth208: Broncos 35-20
@jmcclellan117: Broncos 31-24@MattyHarrison3: Broncos 31-21
@_Mjohn10_: Broncos 27-21@magic_of_macy: Broncos 28-21
@BklynJETSkid71: Broncos 24-16@Kamberlee: Seahawks 21-17
@BigpapiBrooks1: Broncos 30-24@J2ThaMar: Broncos 34-17
@whoDAT_alex: Broncos 42-17@_KiDL3gendary_: Broncos 27-23
@Cieraa__: Broncos 24-10@Bob_Lazzari: Seahawks 27-24
@SportsCrazee Seahawks 27-24@kosmobrown: Broncos 34-17
@Anthonys_Era: Seahawks 24-17@OMAR_FOOTBALL: Seahawks 31-28
@HIS_AIR_NESS: Broncos 27-20@PatmanSays: Broncos 31-20
@JaysenWade87: Broncos 28-20@XopherGault: Broncos 19-14
@GfunkAlex: Broncos 42-24@shaqnosis1: Broncos 27-17
@ZackBonnette: Broncos 38-24@mckay317: Broncos 30-17
@bearshouse10: Broncos 28-14@iProdigy_: Broncos 30-24
@MCREDSKINS: Broncos 34-24@SurajHansal: Broncos 36-22
@j_maskell25: Broncos 24-20@DomInzinna: Broncos 34-17
@Thomhj: Broncos 34-17@yLiam96: Seahawks 27-24
@Rsmith0391: Broncos 31-24@KipMacarthur: Broncos 27-20
@almailva: Seahawks 27-20@jceatonvt: Broncos 28-10
@RickFargoTV: Broncos 31-17@KingDostin7: Broncos 30-28
@danyajegede: Seahawks 27-20@Ure_Highness_: Seahawks 20-13
@Cam_gohard77: Seahawks 31-30@C_Sletty: Seahawks 23-16
@girlsportaddict: Seahawks 22-20@shirleycheesem1: Seahawks 30-10
@FauxAndyLuck: Broncos 27-17@JLK822: Seahawks 24-21
@seanzo123x: Broncos 27-13@this_guyDJ: Broncos 24-10
@isimmons_55: Seahawks 17-16@saidahmed_: Seahawks 24-21
@MusicIz4Eva_: Broncos 27-17@jelam1: Broncos 34-17
@mikebara33: Seahawks 41-27@teamMVP18: Broncos 31-16
@nflnfox: Broncos 31-10@TruChrisMerritt: Broncos 27-21
@DaTruth_since95: Broncos 23-20@SPS60GUNNER: Seahawks 27-17
@Ace560: Seahawks 28-24@BobbyOsborn44: Broncos 34-23
@MrLonsterRobot: Seahawks 35-21@Elvisnga: Broncos 34-17
Thank you very much for sharing your picks with me, NFLVR's followers, and everyone that reads this blog entry. You, your follows, interactions, and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. I hope you have a great Super Bowl Day and hope you will connect with me using my links below. Also, don't forget to tune in to NFLVR Live!'s Season Finale Wednesday with Carley McCord (Cleveland Browns Broadcast Media Professional), JJ Birden (Former Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys & Cleveland Browns Player), and myself at 10 pm ET right here on

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: February 2, 2014, 2:11 am
Tonight at 10 pm ET will be NFLVR Live!'s biggest and best show ever! For those of you that are not familiar with NFLVR Live!, it's a weekly web series that airs live on, Google+ and YouTube every Wednesday at 10 pm ET since September 4, 2012 during the NFL Pre & Post Seasons. I have had guests ranging from NFL Players to NFL Cheerleaders to Fantasy Football Experts to the average NFL Fan. As much as I'd like to take credit for the idea I can't. The idea came from Google as part of my partnership that began with them back in August of 2012.

Now, that you are more familiar with NFLVR Live!, if you weren't already, let me tell you about tonight's "biggest and best show ever!" Tonight I will be joined by Nova Kemp (NFLVR Analyst), Robyn Vandenberg (Sports Radio Personality), Thomas Murphy (Sports Radio Personality and Blogger), Shaun Compton (NFLVR Analyst), AND several well-known surprise guests. The show starts at 10 pm ET and can be seen live here on, Google+ or YouTube. My guests and I will talk about the Super Bowl, give our Super Bowl picks, and knowing all of these people as well as I do, including the surprise guests, I'm certain we will talk about much more than just the Super Bowl. So, you should definitely tune in or at the least watch the show on YouTube sometime because this will be NFLVR Live!'s biggest, best, and most entertaining show ever.

In the meantime, connect with us:

Austin D. Jordan, Founder of NFLVR (Twitter & Google+)
Nova Kemp, NFLVR Analyst (Twitter & Google+)
Robyn Vandenberg, Sports Radio Personality (Twitter & Google+)
Thomas Murphy, Sports Radio Personality & Blogger (Twitter & Google+)
Shaun Compton, NFLVR Analyst (Twitter & Google+)

I hope you tune in and I look forward to reading your tweets!

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: January 29, 2014, 12:45 pm
Okay, so my NFL Playoff Picks this season have gone nothing like last year's 11-1 Playoff Pick Record using Vegas Odds. I started off with a solid 3-1-1 pick record using Vegas Odds on Wild Card Weekend, but despite picking all four winners of each game last week, my picks were a terrible 1-3 using Vegas Odds. So, I'm hoping to "right the ship" so to speak starting this week. With that in mind, here are my AFC and NFC Conference Championship Game Picks using Vegas Odds.

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos (3 pm ET CBS): The main story line as always when a Peyton Manning team goes against Tom Brady and the Patiots is Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning and who's better. One would think the mainstream media could come up with a more inventive story line than the one they always do. For instance, time of possession in this game. The Broncos have proven they can be beaten by a team that runs the ball and controls the clock, exactly what I see the Patriots doing in this game. After all, the best way to beat Peyton Manning and the high powered Broncos Offense is to make them sit on the bench by eating up time of possession with a solid rushing attack. The Patriots enter this game with arguably the hottest rushing attack in the NFL. LeGarrette Blount, Stevan Ridley, and Shane Vereen can all three get the job done and will have to for this game to play out the way I envision it doing so. At the same time, the Patriots have proven they can be run on, but Knowshon Moreno is averaging a lowly 49.8 rushing yards per game on only 3.9 yards per carry since Week 13.

Tom Brady has been ill this week which bothers me on some level, but he is a "gamer" so I wouldn't expect it to affect his game. Peyton Manning and Eric Decker should both bounce back from their last performances. Even if the Patriots control the time of possession with a short quick passing game and a stellar rushing attack, this game should come down to the wire. Regardless of the outcome, NFL Fans should be the real winners of this game because it should be one for the ages especially considering it will showcase two of the greatest QB's of this generation.

I pick the Patriots +5 and think the final score will be 27-24 Patriots.

San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks (6:30 pm ET FOX): The first thing I have to say here is that I am sick of hearing all these so-called "NFL Experts" on TV tell everyone the biggest issue the Seahawks have in this game is Russell Wilson's inexperience. News Flash: Wilson has started 35 games in the NFL compared to Colin Kaepernick starting 28 games. Technically, Russell Wilson has more experience than Colin Kaepernick by almost half of an NFL Season despite only being in the league for two years. Just because someone played in the NFL or was at the right place at the right time does not make them an "Expert," but it does make the Former NFL Player much, much more knowledgeable about the game than most people.

Everything says the Seahawks are virtually unbeatable at home, and Russell Wilson should bounce back from the 50% completion percentage 103 yard passing game from last week. However, I do not expect to see another 143 yard 2 TD game from Marshawn Lynch this week. Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, and Vernon Davis should all have bounce back from less than stellar games for them as individuals this week, and I fully expect Gore to score at least one TD. Everyone knows that both of these teams have great defenses as a whole; therefore, this game should come down to which offense makes more big plays. Since more players are due to perform for the 49ers, I think their offense will make more big plays.

I pick the 49ers +3.5 and think the final score will be 24-20 49ers.

So, if my picks are right, we will have a San Francisco 49ers at New England Patriots Super Bowl at 7:30 pm ET on NBC on Sunday, February 2nd at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, 207 miles away from Gillette Stadium and 2,910 miles away from Candlestick Park.

Thank you for reading my opinions on NFL Conference Championship Weekend and I hope you will connect with me using my links below.

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: January 17, 2014, 1:28 am

I enjoy sharing some of my experiences from my NFL playing days. However, this one is hard to describe to the fans on how it really is but I tried.

@JJBirden on Twitter
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Author: JJBirden
Posted: January 6, 2014, 5:28 am
The 2014 NFL Playoffs are here, it's Wild Card Weekend Football Fans! Since most people do not play Fantasy Football in the Playoffs, I concentrate on handicapping playoff games using Vegas Odds. Now, I do not expect to repeat my 11-1 NFL Playoff Pick Record from last year, but I'm definitely ready to see how good or bad my picks are for the 2014 NFL Playoffs. So, let's get to it.

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (Saturday, 4:35 pm ET) - I love the fact that a ton of "Experts", analysts, etc. feel like the Chiefs are limping into the playoffs because they are 2-5 in their last seven games. Well, I disagree with them. Two of the Chiefs' losses were to the Broncos, two to the Chargers (see my Chargers Google+ post for my opinion of them) and the other loss was to the Colts. Most will almost immediately say something to the affect of "but the Colts routed the Chiefs 23-7 in KC." Well, quite frankly it was Week 16, and Alex Smith had a bad game. In fact, that was the only game all season in which Alex Smith had three fumbles, two lost fumbles, or three total turnovers in a single game. Plus, Colts RB Donald Brown had a 51-yard TD run in that game, and he is unlikely to repeat that in my opinion. To be honest, I believe after the Chiefs started 9-0 then had their bye week, they believed in their own hype a little too much or were simply over confident for the remaining seven weeks. If the Chiefs aren't ready for this game and the Colts beat them this week, then all of the doubters from early on this season will be proven right in my opinion. I pick the Chiefs +2 and expect Jamaal Charles to have 120+ total yards and 1-2 TD's.

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (Saturday, 8:10 pm ET) - The Saints, and more specifically Drew Brees, have not been Saints or Brees like outdoors this season. In fact, did you know the Saints are only 2-4 in outdoor games this season? Better yet, did you know they haven't won a single outdoor game since October 6th before the winter weather started setting in? Plus, the two wins the Saints had outdoors were a 16-14 win at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a 26-18 win at the Chicago Bears (neither are a playoff team or anywhere near as good as the Eagles are right now). Additionally, Pierre Thomas, the Saints best pure RB, is out this week which does not help their already less than attractive resume outdoors this season. Now enter the Eagles at home in the coldest outdoor game the Saints have been in all season, LeSean McCoy against the bad Saints Rush Defense, and Nick Foles arguable the hottest QB in the NFL. I give the Saints a chance to win this game but not a very big one. One bright spot for the Saints should be TE Jimmy Graham. The Eagles have been known to struggle against TE's this season, see Jason Witten's 12-135 Week 17, Antonio Gates 8-124 Week 2, and quite a few other lesser TE's with better than average games against them. I expect Jimmy Graham to have 5+ catches, 70+ receiving yards, and 1-2 TD's. Furthermore, I pick the Eagles -2.5 and expect LeSean McCoy to have 120+ total yards and 1-2 TD's.

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday, 1:05 pm ET) - This is one of the most intriguing games of the weekend to me because before Week 17 began, I basically stated that if the stars aligned for the Chargers Week 17 and they made the playoffs, the "Chargers may be my pick to win the Super Bowl." The key to my statement was "IF" Ryan Mathews stays healthy. As I'm sure you know, he is not 100% going into this game so that is obviously a huge concern for me in regards to my statement. Regardless, I expect Ryan Mathews to play and have 21+ carries this game. Since figuring out to give Mathews 21+ carries, the Chargers have won four consecutive games. One other small note for those that have a misconception of the weather favoring the Bengals in this game: the Bengals have ran 156 more pass plays than run plays, the Chargers 23 more run plays than pass plays over the past four weeks. The potential cold snowy conditions should favor a run heavy offense, not a pass heavy offense. I pick the Chargers +7 and expect AJ Green to have 80+ receiving yards and 1-2 TD's.

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (Sunday, 4:40 pm ET) - I honestly believe the biggest factor in this game is the weather. It's expected to be the coldest NFL Playoff Game ever, even colder than "The Ice Bowl." Therefore, I give a huge advantage to the Packers due to them having more experience in cold weather games than the 49ers. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb have a game under their "Discount Double-Check" belts since returning from injury, and their connection should play a big role in this game, short quick passing/receiving plays. I also expect James Starks to be a factor in this game. Whether it's a 20+ yard play or scoring a TD, he should make an impact. Honesty, I believe the 49ers are peaking at the right time and are a better team than the Packers right now, but I can not ignore the biggest factor in the game. I pick the Packers +3 and Under 46.5.

Thank you for reading my opinions on Wild Card Weekend and I hope you will connect with me using my links below.

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: January 4, 2014, 1:19 am
Many NFL Fantasy Football Leagues have already been decided but if you are anything like me you know the season is not over until it is truly over. As you may have read earlier this week in my "NFL Playoff Picture" blog entry there are some great angles to look at for Fantasy Football purposes and plenty of teams with quite a bit to play for Week 17. Taking that into account, here's my take on Week 17.

QB Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles - The winner of this game goes to the playoffs, the loser goes home. Unfortunately, Tony Romo is out for the rest of the season so the Eagles get to play the Cowboys at less than full strength. It's also very much so worth noting DeMarcus Ware missed practice Friday. The cards are stacked against the Dallas Cowboys in this one and Foles should have a field day this week.

QB Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders - I've been talking about Pryor virtually non-stop since 2012 in terms of him giving Raiders the best chance to win. No, he's not a prototypical NFL QB or necessarily a true QB1 at the NFL level, but he gives Raider Nation the best chance to win. Plus, he's entertaining and exciting, so fun to watch. That being said, I expect TP2 to throw for 215+ yards, 1-2 TD's, rush for 50+ yards, 1 TD, and pull off the victory against the Broncos this week.

RB LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles - See the Nick Foles paragraph and I'll add big time players show up in big time games, McCoy is a BIG TIME player.

RB Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans - I'd bet (not really) that we see a CJ2K performance out of Johnson this week. Great match-up, at home, and talks of a potential pay cut for Johnson this offseason should motivate him to remind us all that he is CJ2K.

RB Eddie Lacy, Green Bay Packers - Eddie's ready to go as is Aaron Rodgers. I do expect Rodgers to be Rodgersesque but not the total package. So, I expect the Pack to lean on Lacy and the running game more so than they normally would with ARod back at the helm. Again, have you seen the Chicago Bears Run "Defense" this season??? It's a rhetorical question because the Bears, their fans, nor anyone else has either.

RB DeAngelo Williams, Carolina Panthers - DWill has had back-to-back good games for Fantasy Football purposes, I think this week makes three in a row. Williams should get to the 100-yard rushing mark for only the second time this season this week.

WR Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers - Brown has exceeded expectations this season and I expect that to continue this week. Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden is banged up and this a "must-win" game for the Steeelers. Brown should go off to the tune of 5+ receptions, 75+ yards, and 1-2 TD's.

WR Jordy Nelson, Green Bay Packers - There is no one that has been more impacted negatively for Fantasy Football purposes than Jordy Nelson since Aaron Rodgers got injured. So, the fact ARod is back in a way Jordy is too. I do expect the Pack to rely on the run game but I also expect them to work ARod back into the flow of things which will mean a few deep shots, back shoulder throws, and TD toss attempts.

TE Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers - Olsen is primed to have one of his biggest games of the season in my opinion. For reference sake, his three best games of the season Fantasy Football wise are 7-84-1, 4-66-1, and 5-52-1. I expect 4+ receptions, 50+ yards, and 1-2 TD's this week out of Olsen.

TE Ryan Griffin, Houston Texans - The Texans like to use the TE and Griffin is their starting TE again this week. I expect Griffin to have 5+ catches, 60+ yards, and 1-2 TD's this week.

Vegas Odds (strictly for entertainment purposes only) - New York Jets +6.5 at Miami Dolphins; Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans -7; Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles -6.5.

In addition to this and my "NFL Playoff Picture" blog entry I posted "Three of the 18 Playoff / Potential Playoff Teams" and "The San Diego Chargers are one of the best teams in the NFL" Google+ entries on NFLVR for NFL Week 17.

Reminder, I will be available to answer your NFL Week 17 Fantasy Football questions from 8 am to 12 noon ET Sunday. Simply tweet @AustinDJordan and I'll try to answer them all. I look forward to your tweets and appreciate you reading my this blog. In the meantime, I hope you will connect with me using my links below.

Happy Holidays!

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: December 28, 2013, 6:53 pm
It is Week 17 in the NFL which means "last minute" jockeying for playoff position for some teams while others fight for a playoff birth. So, here is the Playoff Picture going into Week 17 of the 2013 NFL Regular Season.

Who's in (AFC):

Denver Broncos (12-3) - clinched the AFC West and first-round bye
New England Patriots (11-4) - clinched AFC East
Cincinnati Bengals (10-5) - clinched AFC North
Indianapolis Cots (10-5) - clinched AFC South
Kansas City Chiefs (11-4) - clinched AFC Wild Card spot.

Who's still alive (AFC):

Miami Dolphins (8-7)
Baltimore Ravens (8-7)
San Diego Chargers (8-7)
Pittsburgh Steelers (7-8)

The Breakdown (AFC):

Broncos clinch home-field advantage with a win OR Patriots loss.
Patriots clinch first-round bye with a win OR Bengals AND Colts losses.
Bengals clinch first-round bye with a win AND Patriots loss.
Colts clinch first-round by with a win AND Patriots and Bengals losses.
Ravens clinch Wild Card spot with a win AND Chargers or Dolphins loss.
Dolphins clinch Wild Card spot with a win AND Chargers win or Ravens loss
Chargers clinch Wild Card spot with a win AND Dolphins and Ravens losses
Steelers clinch Wild Card spot with a win AND Dolphins, Ravens and Chargers losses

Who's in (NFC):

Seattle Seahawks (12-3) - clinched playoff birth
Carolina Panthers (11-4) - clinched playoff birth
San Francisco 49ers (11-4) - clinched playoff birth

Who's still alive (NFC):

Philadelphia Eagles (9-6) - lead NFC East
Chicago Bears (8-7) - lead NFC North
Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
Green Bay Packers (7-7-1)
New Orleans Saints (10-5)
Arizona Cardinals (10-5)

The Breakdown (NFC):

Winner of the Packers at Bears game wins the NFC North and clinches a playoff birth, the loser is eliminated from the playoffs.
Winner of the Eagles at Cowboys game win the NFC East and clinches a playoff birth, the loser is eliminated from the playoffs.
Seahawks clinch home-field advantage with a win OR 49ers loss.
49ers clinch NFC West and first-round bye with a win AND Seahawks loss.
Panthers clinch NFC South and first-round bye with a win OR Saints loss.
Saints clinch playoff birth with win OR Cardinals loss.
Saints clinch NFC South with win AND Panthers loss.
Cardinals clinch Wild Card spot with a win AND Saints loss.

I hope this helps make a somewhat hazy playoff picture more clear. Reminder, I will be available for four consecutive hours Sunday from 8 am to 12 noon ET to answer your tweets. So, tweet me @AustinDJordan Sunday and I'll be happy to help you with your Fantasy Football decisions and chat some NFL. Until then, thank you for reading my blog, I hope you'll connect with me using my links below, and Happy Holidays!

Austin D. Jordan
Founder of NFLVR
Author: AustinDJordan
Posted: December 26, 2013, 10:49 am